The Agenda Project

Queer Panelists spilling the tea on the Queer Agenda

what & why are these queers chatting???


This diverse group of New York City Queers are getting together to talk honestly about the interests, concerns and questions that people debate about on social media. Religion. Politics. Health. Pop Culture. Sex. Sex and Sex. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they're lost in the sauce. But it will always be a conversation worth eavesdropping.

Teach and Tell - Queer history and Queer culture are resounding contributors to our modern day society and we want to let the world know how important it is that we are here and have always been here.


Educate and Entertain - Politics and Pop culture are interchangeable sources for hot topics of discussion and we want to let our elected leaders and divas know that we're counting on them.


Align and Aggravate - Reach across to our non-queer allies to celebrate our oneness as a human race; or aggravate our haters by using our voice to remind them WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!